Our Process

How will our team work for your family? We want to establish trust and transparency with our clients with the goal of providing them with home improvements that will allow for families to create lasting memories. We are with you every step of the way!

1. Project Consultation

An initial meeting with our Owner, Thomas Weems to discuss your project. We want to make sure our clients feel connected with the people working on their homes.

2. Feasibility Study

Every project is different. We will use our expertise to work with you to determine what if any studies need be done, are permits required…etc. We do not want families to start a project they cannot finish.

3. Budget Meeting

Once the parameters of the project have been established we want you to understand exactly what you can get. We will utilize our historical data from similar projects with variances based on your preferences.

4. Design Development

Now that you have an estimate of what your dreams would cost, we can turn them into a reality. We will work together to create a layout, choose which products and schematics you would like.

5. Documentation Prep

We provide our clients binders with copies of our entire scope of work. This includes permits, material specs, construction schedule, project maintenance, care, and warranty information.

6. Construction Agreement

Upon completion of previous steps, we will enter into a construction agreement with our clients. We are 100% transparent with our clients. Construction typically starts within 14 days after permits are issued.

7. Introductions

Once a project start date has been established, we would like for your family to meet ours. We want you to be familiar with your project manager. We will set weekly meeting times and review project specific items.

8. Review and Approval

Upon completion of the project our team wants to do a walkthrough to assure a job well done and as planned. We are thorough and pride ourselves on meeting the needs and dreams of our clients.

9. Final Step

Now that your family is satisfied with our project, we will make sure you have any information, warranties, paperwork, receipts, etc. We want your family to enjoy your upgrade worry free!