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Why should you build or upgrade your Garage?

Many families have many different uses for their garages, or wish they had one. Whatever your family needs, it is important to remember what functions are important when considering adding a garage or remodeling your current one. While garages are great for housing cars, they are also an extension of your living space and can provide your home more storage space, workspace and overall functionality.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating your current or new garage:

  • Do want a garage that offers organizational systems featuring bins, pull-out drawers, baskets, shelving, cabinets, workbenches, and closets.
  • Wall hooks for hanging up garden tools and bicycles keep clutter off the floor and eliminate the need to stack things in a corner.
  • Extra space in the garage that can be used as a workshop or hobby room is a delightful bonus for those seeking more space.
  • Do want an auxiliary playroom for children, especially if the home has no attic or basement.
  • Buyers want enough room to park three cars.
  • Painted and sealed or polypropylene-tiled floors, and finished walls and ceilings, give garages a clean look.

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